Deputyship E-conference May 2020

As part of our continued efforts to support Deputyship staff from the Public and Private Sectors, we are pleased to bring the first E-Conference in place of our scheduled event in Manchester. We hope that you find it useful and we look forward to hearing your feedback. We are already planning our next E-Conference and we want to know what you want to see covered. To view you must have a login to this site.

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Hamilton House

National Deputyship Development Day - 10.10.2019

At Finders International, we are proud to declare the success of another one of our National Deputyship Development Days held at Hamilton House in West London.

This year marked the 3rd annual event and the conference was well received with stellar reviews, feedback, and sign-ups from professional deputies from both the Public and Private sectors who were in attendance.

Hosted by David Lockwood, Finders International Public Sector Development Manager, the event included insightful presentations from expert industry insiders.

Danielle Roberts from TSF Consultants and Charlotte May discussed Capacity, Best Interests, and Mediation. Mark Holloway and Paul Phazy from Rathbones spoke about Investments. Albert Okanlawon from Barclays discussed Cyber Fraud and our key guest speaker of the day, former Senior Judge at the Court of Protection, Denzil Lush concluded the day with a riveting speech on the Public Sector and the Court of Protection.

As always, the networking aspect was a key focus, and for those involved in Deputyship and Appointee ship, this annual event is a must.

Future event dates will be announced in due course so please keep your eyes peeled on our social media accounts and our website.

The next National Development Deputyship day will be held in Birmingham on the 28th of November at the Studios.

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Development Day - 14th June 2018 - Birmingham

Finders fourth Deputyship development day was hailed as a huge success by David Lockwood, Public Sector Development Manager. He stated “We were able to bring both public and private sector together in the same room, we provided engaging and relevant topics for discussion.”

Delegates heard about a wide range of subjects that affect all those working to protect the property and affairs of those who lack the capacity to manage them for themselves. Updates and advice were provided on Welfare Benefits, Gifts and Tenancy issues.

Finders also launched its new service, at the event, to support Public Authority Deputyship teams – www.public is available to all public sector employees with an easy to access forum available immediately with webinars planned for the future.

The company’s commitment to support hard pressed local authorities through development days and easy to access websites continues with further events planned for 2018 and 2019.
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Deputyship Development Day – 14.09.2017 - London

Delegate Feedback:

“On days like today I get to meet with other councils for a little bit of verification about what about processes are, what their processes are – learning more about how I could do things a little bit better.” Public Authority Employee

“The feedback I’ve had since doing the talk is that its given everybody something to think about and to approach the court to see if they can make claims.“ Paul Cruickshanks, Court of Protection Costs Manager

“Today has been very Informative…lots of information I wouldn’t have got anywhere else…doing our job is quite unusual, quite specialist, so it’s rare to other people who do the same job as you do” Public Authority Employee

“First and foremost the networking…we can meet people from local authorities we might not have liaised with previously” Michael Culver, Partner at Bolt Burdon Solicitors

Deputyship Development Day – Taunton – 23-11-17

Representatives from local authorities and solicitors based in South west England convened in Taunton last week for the second Finders International Deputyship Development Day.
These unique regular events will be held to enable both public and private sector professional deputies to meet and network.
David Lockwood, Finders International Public Sector Development Manager said, “This is a unique opportunity for both sectors to come together and learn from each other”. He went on to add “it was clear from talking to many of the delegates that they share common issues, so the chance for them to talk and explore mutual solutions can only benefit the people they look after”.
Delegates came together to listen to presentations on financial management, costs and protecting vulnerable adults from abuse. Views were also shared on the services provided and support received by Deputys.

Both Solicitors and Public servants have commented positively and stated that the event can only help encourage and foster positive relations between the private and public sectors.
Finders International will soon announce the date and venue of their next event in the next few weeks, be sure to look out for the details as these events are rapidly becoming a must attend for those involved in Deputyship and Appointeeship.


Despite the Beast from the East attempting to derail plans the third Deputyship Development Day went ahead and was exceedingly well attended.

Representatives from both the public and private sector came together to hear about the issues and matters that affect their daily working lives and how they support their clients.

“These events are unique opportunities for all those who manage the affairs of those who lack capacity to do so themselves, share experiences and solutions” said David Lockwood, Finders International Public Sector Development Manager who went on to add “they also present a chance for all those involved to come together and support each other, given that they are all doing a similar job and providing vital protection for their clients.”