Finder’s pledge to offset the Carbon Footprint for each webinar in 2023

The research and data collected into the carbon footprint of our daily online activities and uses of streaming services is significantly lower to that of other carbon emitters. We however, do not regard our online uses as totally environmentally friendly and are looking to change this for 2023.

On behalf of the Public Authority Deputyship Support Network (PADSN), Finders International pledge to offset the estimated carbon emissions for each webinar we host within 2023. To achieve this goal, it required some preparation and research to estimate what the approximate carbon footprint for each webinar is…

According to the Carbon Trust, at an individual level, the carbon footprint of viewing one hour of video-on-demand streaming is approximately 55gCO2e in Europe. This figure considers the energy use of the different components that are involved in the distribution and viewing of video content: data centres and content delivery networks (used for encoding and storage); internet network transmission; home routers; end-user viewing devices (e.g. TVs, laptops, tablets, smartphones); and TV peripherals (e.g. set-top boxes), where relevant.

Based on our 2021 figures, we average a number of 112 attendees per webinar we host, and our average length of webinar is 2 hours. Considering these figures and those supplied but the Carbon Trust, we have estimated…

Each one of our 2023 webinars is estimated to use 0.12 tonnes of CO2

Trees for Life estimates that 1 tree can offset 0.16 tonnes of carbon per year. Because of this, we will be planting 1 tree for each webinar we host in 2023, not only offsetting our carbon emissions for our online event activities, but increasing our contribution by -0.04 tCO2e per webinar.

Rest assured that viewing our webinars will not add to your carbon footprint and help achieve your individual and firms goal towards becoming ‘Net Carbon Zero’.  We will be making all tree planting donations to the National Trust in 2023.