Covid-19 – Supporting individuals

Supporting individuals needs has never been more paramount than during the ongoing pandemic.

The Office of the Public Guardian have recently updated their blog with guidance for attorneys and deputies during the Covid-19 pandemic with some useful guidance.

Entitled “Acting as an attorney or deputy from a distance” the blog reinforces the responsibilities and how to deal with cases whilst ensuring that you keep socially distant, suggesting that an attorney or deputy consider using all methods such as communicating with the individual via video conferencing tools, referring to past decisions and statements the individual had made, speaking remotely to carers.

The guidance is helpful as many private attorneys and deputies will be finding it hard to carry out their role whilst maintaining strict social distancing. It, of course, remains vitally important that any decisions made by an attorney or deputy are recorded and done so as thoroughly as possible.

The guidance on the OPG Blog, available here, does not make any suggestions about how to control or make payment of monies to an individual. Many Local Authorities have turned to pre-paid cards or have used a voucher system, such as Paypoint to ensure that individuals have access to cash. Other authorities have used online shopping with large supermarket chains to ensure that the individual gets food delivered to their doorstep.

Guidance from the Court of Protection has already been published and updated regularly during the pandemic.

Support for those who are clinically extremely vulnerable is available on the Governments website.